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Awakening Corporate Soul: Four Paths To Unleash the Power of People at Work by John B. Izzo, Ph.D. and Eric Klein

“Klein and Izzo are leading the vanguard in redefining and articulating the territory between work and spirit.”

—Richard J. Lieder, author of the Power of Purpose and Repacking Your Bags

“This book is a great reminder for all of us that corporations of any kind,

whether they be of body or business, can’t function usefully without the core essence, or soul actively taking part.

—Alan F. Horn, Chairman, the Walt Disney Studios and Co-founder Castlerock Entertainment

Awakening Corporate Soul’s 15th Anniversary Edition is to commemorate one of the first transformative books of its time. Izzo and Klein’s guidance has helped millions of professionals from all walks of life find more personal fulfillment at work.

This anniversary edition is a practical guidebook that uses anecdotes, case studies, stories and personal examples to help create positive change. It offers powerful strategies for creating organizations and teams capable of competing in the innovative and uncertain times in which we live.

Awakening Corporate Soul is for anyone who wants to bring a greater sense of meaning, spirit, creativity and fulfillment to their work and to their work place.

Rediscovering your own purpose and passion for your own work

  • Becoming a creative leader- no matter where you are on the corporate ladder
  • Creating an vital workplace and engaged workforce
  • Being more effective personally and professional as well as fostering effectiveness in other
  • Building a company based on values, purpose and vision
  • Reconnect with your core values and learn ways to create more alignment Fighting Burnout

Publisher: FairWinds Press, 232 pages

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ISBN: 978-0-9881081-9-8
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