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The Digital Dollar: Sustainable Strategies for Online Success

by Joe Wozny



“In a recent book by business technologies guru Joe Wozny, “The Digital Dollar: Sustainable Strategies for Online Success,” I found a good summary of the top strategies, with some practical advice on how to implement them...”

REVIEW - Forbes contributor Martin Zwilling

The Digital Dollar: Sustainable Strategies for Online Success,” by Joe Wozny. It is easily the most valuable book I have found to teach leaders, executives, and business owners to comprehend and thrive in the online digital world.”

REVIEW - Todd Nielson,

The Digital Dollar by Joe Wozny is written for online veterans as well as beginners to promote and execute a strategic approach to online activities. The book packs loads of information with each chapter containing insights, tips, advice and information ranging from search, low-cost marketing options, digitalroadmaps, advertising and social media.”

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Your prospects, customers, employees and suppliers are expecting great things from you online. How do you plan to deliver?
This realistic and informative book is possibly the only practical guide in the market place dedicated and designed to help you create and execute a profitable and measureable online business strategy. It discusses topics such as online strategy, mobile web, social media, blogging, search, email and online marketing. It introduces you to questions to ask about your goals, gives real world answers, and helps you design a customized strategy (digitalroadmap) for your company and your needs. Don’t miss out on staying on top of your own industry and your own game. Written for entrepreneurs, small and medium business owners, government, not-for profits, leaders and executives who want to ensure they have a clear, solid foundation and framework.

Author Biography:

The study of electronics, engineering, business, and leadership in a networked world has sparked Joe’s pursuit of a lifelong interest in leading edge technologies and their practical applications in our personal and business lives. Joe has been a founder, pioneer, and advisor for several successful Internet, Media and Publishing businesses. His educational background includes studies in Electronics and Technology, an MBA and continuing education in Intellectual Property Management and Harvard’s Leadership in a Network World programs.

Three decades later, Joe is a digital and online media thought leader, strategist, author, blogger and international presenter. Through his company, Concentric, he helps leaders leverage their businesses using smart, well planned digital strategies.


Publisher: FairWinds Press

ISBN-13: 978-0-9780974-6-2

Pages: 328

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