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CHOICES: Better Business, Better Life

  What readers have said about this book: 

“Loved the book! A fast-paced narrative that provides practical guidance to leaders who seek life balance while struggling with competing values and priorities. Take Randy’s messages to heart and you will improve your life, both personal and professional."       Myles Martel, Ph.D., CEO, Martel & Associates Leadership coach to Fortune 500 executives, and personal debate advisor to President Ronald Reagan

“This book could have been written about me. Randy demonstrates an uncanny knack for capturing many of the real world situations I have experienced in running my own company. This is a very helpful book for any business owner.” Dr. Allister Brown, Founder, Technology Resource Inc.

“In growing my business, I have faced the challenges with delegation highlighted in the book. As the story illustrates so well, you have to learn to let go of some things, which is not easy for physicians who are used to doing everything. The story also serves as a good reminder to stay focused on what is important in one’s life and provides some practical ideas on how to do so.”   Dr. Bryce Kelpin, Medical Director, Continuum Medical Care Ltd.

“Fantastic book. Any physician running their own practice or in a leadership position will benefit from the ideas illustrated in the story.”   Dr. Pauline Alakija, Alberta Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathology; Director, Alberta Medical Association

“Choices is a great book and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It is really much more than a book on work life balance, since it speaks to the implications of the big decisions we make in life and reminds us that our choices today determine our future. I recommend this book for anyone faced with the pressures of life choices looking for some simple, but effective, tools on how to making those life choices easier and with better results.”   Eamonn Percy, CEO-in-Residence, BC Technology Industry Association

“Choices is a gem. A great, short read that provides a clear message. I’d recommend it to anyone who has an interest in striving for the continual balance between a rewarding career and a full personal life.”  Joe Wozny, CEO, Concentric, Author of the The Digital Dollar

Choices is a compelling story about one leader’s solution to the age-old struggle…how to find the right balance between work and life.

Alex Tate is a dynamic and successful entrepreneur whose life is changed by a visit from an old friend he lost touch with years ago…a friend who turns his thinking upside down as he faces challenges on every front.

Choices is chock-full of ideas for developing a full, rich life, without sacrificing business success. This seemingly straightforward tale will have you challenging your own choices and reflecting on its messages time and time again.


Author Randy Savoie is an executive advisor who specializes in decision making and operational improvement. His work life is complemented by a vibrant recreational life that includes mountain biking, international cycle touring, playing guitar and song writing. He is an alumnus of the Wharton School of Business.

Publisher: FairWinds Press       ISBN 13 – 978-09780974-9-3         Pp. 110

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ISBN: 978-09780974-9-3
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